The trick to staying young

I look 7 years younger than I am. Everyone asks, “how?” Here is my honest advice:

1. Moisturize (a lot!) with the most expensive products. I am serious, spare no expense when it comes to this.

2. Date someone a little younger (but legal) to keep things exciting.

3. Delay having kids for as long as possible

4. Always go to school. Even if it’s just one class.

5. Go into every store that looks ridiculous. I don’t care how stupid I feel, I always browse Hollister, Justice, Forever 21. I don’t like it but it reminds me of my awkward adolescence.  This is useful when it comes to relating to my college peers.

6. If what you are about to say being with, “remember when” stop! It will probably be lame and make you look old.

7. Cute is okay. I use a  Hello Kitty Flash Drive.

Revisiting my early 20s

My early twenties were awesome. I thought I knew everything and I believed I had my shit together. Then I turned 25 and life took a huge crap down my throat. I’ve spent the last three years trying to get that taste out of my mouth.

I just hope these life lessons enable me to finally be stable and healthy when I’m 30.I can’t go through another decade of this.